Jellyfish Colectivo will paint a mural in Tucson!

We have invited very talented muralists Jellyfish Colectivo to Tucson in Spring 2016. They will complete a mural at La Estrella Bakery on South 12th Ave. It will be there first time painting a mural in the United States. Check out more about their work in this video.

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¡Jellyfish Colectivo pintará un mural en Tucson!

Invitamos a un grupo muy talentoso de muralistas llamado Jellyfish Colectivo a Tucson en la primavera del 2016. Ellos van a crear un mural para La Estrella Bakery que se encuentra situada en la Calle 12 sur. Va a ser la primera vez que pintan un mural en Tucson.

icon_pink Leonel Portillo is changing the violent image of Ciudad Juárez past with art.


Image credit: CCTV


Image credit: Jellyfish